Before I became to a photographer, I have been engaged in a lot of careers.

In my early twenties, I studied in Japan for three years and also continued as an amateur newspaper delivery. At that time, I usually took photos on the street or around my apartment area to record my daily life.

Several years later, when I got my son, recording his growing brought my interests into photography strongly.

I found my clue about my life in 2012 by a chance to take photos on my friends wedding.

I was totally engulfed in the moment.

I photographed them on my natural and spectators view with feelings and enthusiasm, which made me as a best witness of the wedding.

From then on, I took wedding photographer as my only occupation.

I found my way to document every wedding from different perspective, which can tell the unique story about every wedding.

During over hundreds wedding capturing, my style is gradually formed, which is unobtrusive, natural, relaxed, and emotional.

Now based in Zhengzhou, Henan, in the middle of China, I am an experienced photographer with some renown.

My interests in wedding photography is increasing with each passing day.

I also want to stand on a broader stage as a participant, seeing the development of the wedding photography.